Two perspectives on evolution and production of species

First perspectives: Toward kin/clan precipice

 (in Swedish “Ätterstupan”
Are we fooled by evolution when we believe homo sapiens the friendly primate? Most of our feelings and behaviors, for example. buy, eat, play, sexing, … is operated by our Limbic system – that is the majority of the scientific community “in side thinking”. The limbic system is a more beautiful (?) name than mammalian brain – that it really layers upon the mammalian and reptilian brain, where the human part is “in place” first the last few hundred thousand years!

Evolutionary “profit interests” of predators are a normal part of the evolution that apparently still lives with pizzazz in the so-called civilized societies in modern robbers/predators in the form of profit interests which (a) in totalitarian States are already in power or on its right side. (b) However, in the so-called democratic societies they are required more and more sophisticated manipulative practices that, in the best cases misleads (fooling) people to foster the interests of profit, without itself realizing it – “I want … myself … no one can fool me!!” it is total secure belief, I do not let myself be fooled as above described! Probably most of us will be fooled on this way – rewarding and providing the success of profiteers/ robbers /.. .

Successful we can hardly call ourselves, more or less conned people (including politicians, our elected and trusted?) when we both eat and behave in the effective way with pizzazz developing lifestyle-related diseases and mental problems while the profiteers rub their hands – and at the same time washes itself – and in step two in the society sanctioned (?) phish, Big Pharma profiteer /cheater!

Admittedly, United States is here ahead and before us – probably explains how to choose a buffoon to president (which, however, sometimes who may accidently make a humanistic thing, i.e. react to 100 Americans die each day of use of medicines. But our own society is chock-full of more or less sophisticated hided manipulations – some of them called advertising, advertising for what then, developing lifestyle-related diseases and mental problems!

When will be the day to sit down and quietly try to get an overview of what we let society with increasing speed develop into – United States can serve as a good solid destructive example! Unfortunately, we rely on our elected representatives, who are elected/chosen to develop our society in a constructive, health promoting way, quality of individuals life development, which also includes our most easily manipulated — the kids, who want to believe in the goodness of people and we are older, as in information overload cannot use our acquired wisdom and common sense! The rest of us have time not to think in order not to fall over the real-world obstacles (some of which we create creatively) in the tempo that we incite us to!

Someone who has the time to read the above and react-positively or negatively but not distractedly! If we react, it is perhaps the first step to bring us up to fight for our survival toward a society based on compassion, empathy and genuine humanist democracy! NOTE that we’ll also then get rid of the virtual “ kin/clan precipice “! Where is our heart – popular movements – CSOs!

Another perspective: evolution and production of species

Productions systems of life and production of death are innovations of the, at now last (?) result of evolution of species – e.g. farming pigs and holocausts of the own species not only during world war second! So man has turned evolution into production of also many other things, e.g. global warming, one of more challenges for survival of our planet, as well as production of health where economical efficacy calculations more and more over ride human care – of the own species.

In the evolution, the fittest survived (can be some critical factors identified) and in mostly there was to be an eater or to be eaten! Also “best before date” (followed by kin/clan precipice) was a critical factor securing the survival of the groups – could be called an evolutionary cultural factor.   

In present health care systems economical production efficacy is the basic platform for success!

At the same time there still a not neglected among of still emphatic, caring people who really try to accomplish their mission “humanism and democracy” in spite of the increasing internalizing more and more sophisticated manipulation to buy, to buy, to do, … and they are more and more falling into part … and implemented into the role of product in the production of health systems! The space becomes more and more limited for humanity and human behaviors …

One thing more; in the evolution of species “error” was the solution for evolution of DNA is hardware base for increased flexibility and adjustment. The more flexibility (read Brain development) increased the more we approached the position where software flexibility would gradually take over evolutionary basics! Not “error” in DNA is an increasing problem not adjusted by the environment forces by manmade forces! Quite logical by could there be another way to go head? Perhaps, as still man is basically still dependent of mammalian characteristics (Limbic system) preferably not conscious there could be another way – we do still are at the eating or eaten position but id we can find a balance between new brain options and old brain presence it could be a way – a long the humanistic road which need to be more cultivated and humanistic pedagogical improved. Mutual creation of the road ahead – perhaps as Hannibal expressed it; “If there is no road, I make one”.   

One of many “factors” that prevent us from relaxed thinking with a cool brain is increasing society promoted stress in general and in particular as I argued in a presentation 2002 at the California Society for Biofeedback Meeting I argued: Stress and hyperventilation: A question of survival in the past and – a disaster in the future? We still need to cooperate in an constructive way – our spatial, non-conscious evolutionary old brain and our brad new verbal, conscious (not always?) brain!

We cannot at once change our running into production madness but we may more and more try to find ways how to step by step re-implement humanism hoping it is not too late – joining our good forces and not let good forces independent of religious ones or not and stop fighting who know the truth! If good or god forces created our universe will not one of us understand while our knowledge is too limited! Instead let us join our forces and create NOW a future for mankind – women and man in peace with our planet!

I see no substantial, real signs of a change towards a more humanistic development! May still be a few years until too late? Concerning health care systems so I want to believe that all those still on the humanistic road can mobilize power to be able to gradually change from production towards all-winner care (except Big Pharma – which still have important fields to contribute in a humanistic development – in relevant fields!). Except many caring, nice words in some cultures the patient is in a position of dependence (variable, where e.g. George Kelly in general argue for the paradigm of man as a scientist – an independent but pragmatic, mutual human interacting).

To develop health care systems into a mutual, all winner one, is perhaps not possible concerning structure and content as well! But it can be substantially changed, perhaps somewhat in line with how we have work last 30 years – “Patient as an educated, active (more or less) competent resource in her/his own rehab” (manual not published, but further developed during the years) following George Kelly´s “man as a scientist” paradigm!

The idea is that …
if a patient is encountered as a resource optional individual we can expect a more calm, open, interacting individual as well as e.g. a possible “placebo cooperation” (which data indicates)

if a patient is regarded as an “educatable” person out relevant estimated level (not be regarded as a helpless, fatuous one) there are always important contributions to be done – step by step over time leading to large steps usually! if a patient is regarded as an resource and not a problem this usually increase motivation to do what needs to be done

if …. The reader can fill up more …

… knowledge development, engagement and cooperation will (according to our experiences) contribute to patients gradually change their attitude (if needed) toward more of increased own respect and a resource, an attitude that facilitate the position of waiting (while do have work to do while waiting) and actively contribute to her/his own rehab! Impossible? Depends on how health care resources are used! Needed is time for (usually critical needed) education of those providing patient education-cooperation-coaching! My argument is also the use of Integrated Psychophysiological Behavioral Medicine (www.ipbm,.se) simply while “we need to see (and spatial understand) what happens (of what is possible to be measured, displayed and explained) as well as provide IBED – Individual Biological Evidens based Documentation also understandable for patients!  Too see or not too see makes a difference!   

One more; Our patients (with lifestyle related diseases and mental problems) learn what, what etc. and e.g. with hypertension patients (treatment ready), I used to be joking; “well, I hope you do know how to get back, restore your high (some had too low) blood pressure”? They also know that hypertension is regarded as a door-opener for severe chronic diseases. I believe (no randomized data) that most, if not all of our patients continue on their (studied and well-tailored practiced) way and thereby also avoid other kinds of lifestyle related diseases and mental problem!   

Clinical treatment becomes/turns into prevention behaviors, when patients “know how” motivated them to proceed – and this is a usual result from their group education!

Bingo for all of us! Or?

Let´s join our forces and find ways to substantially improve basic humanism och real democracy!