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Responsible for this web site is professor Bo von Schéele

Brief background

  •  Music studies in Sweden, and in Vienna. Piano, conductor and composer. Due to extreme stress left music 1979 and started study with a
  •  PhD degree in Psychology, Uppsala University, Department of psychology, 1968, “Assessment of a multifaceted treatment package of negative stress: A cognitive and cardiovascular approach”.
  •  Due to no interest for biopsychosocial stress medicine von Scheele started a company Stress Medicine AB for research, knowledge development and clinical work. Founded Swedish Center for Stress Medicine 2001 (non-profit activities). The development is done without normal research grants – might be too provocative for traditional medicine – see http://skillsbeforepills.com/our-scientific-approach/.
  •  Professor in Medical Engineering, Mälardalen University, 2008. Now University independent.
  •   Now working to “move out” clinical work into education and personalized knowledge implementationwww.healthcreators.com  with a first focus on ADHD (www.adhdskolan.com in Sweden) and hypertension. The idea is not to wait for school medicine entering biopsychosocial (systems integrating) medicine but provide lifestyle medicine direct to those needing to prevent or “treat” lifestyle related diseases and problems.
  • also www.quatummedicine.website … and much updated at www.biopsychosocialmedicine.com and www.culturalmediine.se



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