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As biopsychosocial medicine during last 40 years (dependent when we defined its formal start) has not been able to be substantial developed while the recognition of lifestyle diseases and problems as rapidly increasing we have started this web site and a foundation for knowledge development, research and practice where laymen/patients are regarded as a competent resource if they get the possibility for relevant education – and cooperation with biopsychosocial medicine educated health care providers.

Of particular concerns is ADHD and the alarmingly increase in use of pharmacological substances which can be regarded with non-pharmacological dependent knowledge as not only not needed and not of relevance but also a challenge towards children´s health development. For argument see and – project, ADHD. We have tried to work without needed external economical support during the years (hard to get funds for biopsychosocial medicine work) we now turn to interested who what to contribute especially for development of ADHD non–pharmacological based knowledge development, empirical work and practice where we see education and self-activities (school, families and individuals).

Host for the ADHD – Foundation is Swedish Center for Stress Medicine, C D Ekmans väg 41, 820 23 Bergvik, Sweden – NB Swedish Bg. 491-7662 (is administrated by Stress Medicine AB). Bank: Swedbank. Important for each contribution is to provide e-mail address so we can inform how the funds are used.

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First of May we plan to start a foundation for non-pharmacological knowledge development and empirical biopsychosocial medicine research. A Foundation where all interested to contribute in any way is welcome.

The basic idea is to provide those interested to join with different options.

1. It can be patients who want to get support for contributing with their experiences and thoughts as well as collect data using the IBED – Individual Biological Evidence based Documentation paradigm (see later references which will be inserted here) – my clinical experiences is that patients many time have important information we, experts, should be attention to and base interventions on. If it is clearly wrong thoughts they are also important while this is the way a particular individual thinks, which is of relevance for biopsychosocial medicine approach!

2. It can be economical support for knowledge development and empirical biopsychosocial medicine research – something which is really not easy while reductionistic research are not satisfactory promoted – accepted by medicinal society.

3. It can be students, clinical and scientists who can contribute without any or much financial support, something which is so much needed! .

4. It can  be work on ethical and humanistic issues while here is so much needed to be done – in terms of clearly demonstrate the destructive impact on lifestyle related diseases and problems todays reductionstic, simplistic medicine has on peoples health as well as societies economy.

Fist we must set up a board of patients, students, clinicians and scientists and then at this web site we will declare this foundation started – hopefully may 1 2017!

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Bo von Schéele, professor

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