Psychiatric basic problems need at last to be seriously considered also by politicians

Psychiatric investigations and resulted effective working diagnosis hypotheses are obviously rare not only because of lack of knowledge and experiences (also the knowledge platform is very much incomplete!) but also for economic reasons where the pharmaceutical industry’s interests are obviously dominating the individual’s health and quality of life.

In addition, this impact on interventions where unfounded drug use can easily be results that patients do not realize or can argue against. In often uneven two-person communication is likely to disappear much that would have to be highlighted in the light. The notes in the journals may not always reflect what an independent observer would judge as important!

Here, community functions need to try to find ways to increase patient safety significantly – in one all wins aspirations. Hardly can the pharmaceutical industry prioritize its own profits at the expense of people’s health.

I have much more to say about both investigations, hypothesis diagnoses as well as interventions. But discussing this elsewhere, but very briefly about GABA supplements to perhaps most psychiatric drugs. See e.g. “Are psychiatric diagnoses meaningless, at best?”

Perhaps time to develop even external interventions without the profit interests “deciding”!

BUT, who wants to fund a clinically best alternative research design comparative GABA with psychiatric drugs. GABA is the dominant neurotransmitter in our brain which “task” is to balances excitatory neurotransmitters. At GABA debit (may occur without any consideration it due to ignoring) the function of dopamine and serotonin is likely to be affected.

IF the reader is aware of solutions to the above discussed problems, I would be grateful to be informed!